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Facility management software—why do you need it?

Managing facility operations and event schedules can be a difficult task, but especially so if you are using outdated software, juggling spreadsheets or even using old-fashioned pen-and-paper. Entering facility reservations into these inefficient systems is tedious, leaves too much room for human error, and makes relevant real-time data reporting difficult, if not impossible. These problems are compounded when managing multiple locations across a county or state, such as with public space owners like cities and school districts.

However, with Facilitron's facility management platform you can:

  • Automate scheduling and reservation requests–for both internal users and external organizations.
  • Track and understand the cost of maintaining your facilities.
  • Bring transparency and visibility into facility use through our centralized platform and data control center.
  • Centralize communications and make data accessible to administrative and operational staff.
  • Schedule facility services and maintenance tasks.

Event Scheduling & Reservations

Effectively managing event schedules and reservation requests for frequently used spaces can be tedious—Facilitron makes it easy. The core of the Facilitron platform is our event scheduling and reservation system. Using our system, administrators can easily manage buildings, fields, gyms, pools, auditoriums, meeting or conference rooms, and other spaces available to the community and internal staff.

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Schedule internal events and connect your calendar app

Adding internal events to the system is as easy as adding an event to your Google or Outlook calendar. Based on user roles and permissions configured into the system, internal users can add an event directly to the calendar, or request a space that goes through an internal approval process. And for users who can't give up their old ways, Facilitron allows you to create and subscribe to any of our calendars with your own calendar app. Totally customizable to your workflow, Facilitron's platform is designed for ease of use and flexibility.

Manage external requests

With the Facilitron platform, external rental requests come through a customized, public-facing portal that showcases your facilities with photos, pricing, available amenities, equipment and other services or requirements. Thanks to a real-time availability calendar for each facility, requesters can select dates and times that are not booked, streamlining the approval process and reducing double-bookings.

Precisely manage reservation details

Our reservation detail pages show everything including renter organization details, timeslots, permits, insurance documents, payment history, and all communications. Easy-to-make adjustments are a click away and users are automatically notified of changes or a change in reservation status (approved or declined).

Renters can search and request facilities

Facilitron creates customized public-facing rental storefronts for your accounts that provide a place for your users to search and browse available facilities, view complete facility profiles, pricing, and more, then checkout and pay—allowing renters to quickly find and request the space they need for their event in a modern e-commerce-style environment.

Custom applications and checkout

The checkout process guides renters through insurance requirements (including an option to purchase insurance), payment options, and a digital application process that can be customized to specific facilities—you can ask customized questions and show optional services relevant only to the particular facility that's being requested.

Streamline invoicing

Create monthly invoices or bill for facility use in full—all transactions are managed online, using state-of-the-art, PCI-compliant, encrypted payment systems.

Manage facilities from anywhere

The Facilitron platform is cloud-based and optimized for all mobile devices so you can access your information anywhere at anytime. Easily collaborate with your mobile device-enabled staff in the field.

Internal and external comments and history

Keep a record of customer support requests, adjustments to reservations, internal and external comments, and notes all within the reservation details page.

Work dispatch

Alert your staff with work order communications—for special setups, damage, or other site needs.

Reporting & Analytics

Data-driven decision making is transforming the way facility owners operate. Facilitron collects and organizes important facility use data in one place at no cost to users. Facility owners, such as cities and public schools, have seen a significant increase in recovery cost revenue while administrators have greatly improved efficiency and cut administrative costs by 75% or more annually.

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Track KPI's in real time

We track key performance indicators relating to bookings, revenue, and utilization—to better understand practices and policy effectiveness—allowing facility owners to make changes based on real-time data.

Use data to improve decision-making regarding policy

Facility owners use data tracked by the system to better understand the effectiveness of their current processes and to improve policies that govern facility use and management practices. Paired with a cost analysis, this becomes a means to better understand the cost vs revenue of managing facilities.

Work Order Management

Facilitron’s work management system is an easy-to-use web-based work management solution that organizes and manages all scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs.

Computer monitor showing executive summary report.

Create work orders quickly & easily

Receive requests, create, assign, track, and close your facility work orders with ready-to-run reports that provide real-time information about workflow, staffing, facility condition, costs, and warranty repairs.

Preventative maintenance and asset management

Schedule preventive maintenance all in one system with no additional modules. Also, track assets including key tracking for both maintenance and key lockers.

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You likely have experiences with vendors making promises only to find out once you sign the contract those promises are rarely completely fulfilled. Not so with Facilitron. They are there with you from day one exceeding expectations.

Ralph Caravello, Risk Management Coordinator
Seminole County School System, Sanford, Florida

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