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Athletic programs for children and adults have exploded in recent years with a variety of sports available through public and private organizations. Often teams or organizations have trouble finding places to practice or conduct games. Facilitron’s public spaces marketplace makes it easy to search and book outdoor athletic fields like football, baseball, softball, soccer or lacrosse fields, or indoor spaces like gyms for basketball, volleyball or other sports. Also popular and in high demand on the marketplace are indoor and outdoor pools. No matter your sport, you can find the perfect space for your practices or events.

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Whether you need the right playing field for soccer, football, baseball, or lacrosse, Facilitron can help you find the perfect spot for team practice or the big game.

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Gyms provide a space for a wide variety of indoor sports and activities. Facilitron offers spaces to accommodate everything from volleyball and gymnastics to wrestling and weightlifting.

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A game of hoops can be played indoors or outdoors and we’ve got both. Whether you are having a pickup game between friends or hosting a tournament with tickets and concessions, Facilitron has the spaces to make your event a success.

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Pools are often in high demand for swim meets and practices or for water polo or other team sports. We offer hundreds of pools, one of which will be the perfect venue for your event.

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