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Our platform and partnership is for more than just facility rentals. Facilitron is a powerful tool for managing facility use—calendaring, requests, work orders, attendee management, utilization, cost recovery and more. Facilitron’s partnership means invoicing, payments, insurance verification and customer service is no longer a burden.

Discover how Facilitron can transform the way you manage your facilities with no out-of-pocket costs from these online demonstrations.

Scheduling & Reservations-Facility Use

Bring facility scheduling and calendars from all of your operations into one system. Discover how Facilitron’s Scheduling and Reservations system streamlines facility scheduling and the process of managing community requests. Both internal and external schedules, approval hierarchies, insurance, invoices, payments, all managed in one system-of-record—including reporting and data analysis about how your organization is using its facilities.

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Work Order Management—Work Orders and Assets

Facilitron’s Work Order Management system is a work order ticketing system that works alone or in tandem with our reservation system for all maintenance tasks including preventive maintenance, assets and more. Developed especially for large and small institutional operations like school districts and cities, this system can handle everything from routine work orders to asset tracking, inventory management, and complex projects and inspection profiles. Once you see how the maintenance and scheduling systems work together, you’ll never go back to licensing expensive work order modules.

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About Facilitron

Facilitron® is a community spaces marketplace and management platform that helps public space owners such as cities and schools manage maintenance, facility schedules and their entire facility rental business in one place. Our unique partnership model provides both the industry’s leading software and our difference-making partnership services, all with no upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs. With billions of square feet of facility space available for rent on our public spaces marketplace, Facilitron has processed and supported over 10-million community events since the company was founded in 2015.