Facilitron vs Other Platforms

Facilitron vs Other Facility Management Platforms

Some might say the reason Facilitron is the best facility management software application on the market is due to our ‘no direct cost’ model, which allows districts to enjoy the benefits of superior software with no startup, maintenance, or licensing costs. We would add our white glove digital catalog creation, fee collection, calendars, insurance verification, and outstanding customer service might be some of the reasons. See how Facilitron compares to some of the other ‘Guys’ in the market through our simple comparison chart.

Other Facility Software
  • No direct out-of-pocket costs or licensing fees.
  • No setup fees, no training, customer support, or account management fees.
  • Licensing fees, setup fees, training fees.
  • Digital catalog creation with photos, descriptions, amenities, and location.
  • Facility sites photography, drone, and 360 photos.
  • Unlimited rates, pricing tiers, users, roles, and permissions.
  • Unlimited rates, pricing tiers, users, roles, permissions.
  • District-wide searches with hours & capacity filtering.
  • View real-time available dates and times.
  • Custom application questions per facility.
  • Board policy pricing served to groups by group type.
  • Search one facility at a time.
  • Collection of all fees - facility use fees, services and equipment fees.
  • Full-service payment processing and refunds.
  • Credit card, Paypal, eCheck accepted.
  • Automatic invoicing and payment tracking.
  • Payments not collected.
  • Calendar views with filtering by reservation type, status, site, facility type, services.
  • Reservation editing, fee adjustments.
  • EIN non-profit and insurance verification.
  • History tracking.
  • Calendar views by day, week, month.
  • Reservation editing, fee adjustments.
  • Consolidated communications by reservation.
  • All communications tracked in reservation.
  • Automatic email notifications based on user preference.
  • Direct messaging.
  • Consolidated communications by reservation.
  • Direct Messaging
  • Mobile and printable permits with real-time authenticity verification.
  • Security personnel may access and participate in system.
  • Security personnel may access and participate in system (with additional cost).
  • Automatic iCal links for every reservation.
  • Unlimited custom calendars.
  • Custom iCal links by facility, day, time or reservation.
  • Push to Google Calendar.
  • Unlimited calendars.
  • Real-time revenue report by school site and status.
  • Detailed financial report with fees, services, equipment.
  • Renter org reports.
  • Utilization reports.
  • Custom report exports.
  • Custom report exports.
  • Dedicated admin and renter support.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Insurance and non-profit verification.
  • Management assistance.
  • Invoicing payment processing, refunds.
  • Email, phone, and live chat support channels.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Email and phone support.
  • Competitive fee analysis.
  • Cost recovery analysis.
  • In-depth reporting and KPI analysis.
  • Policy recommendations.
  • Nada
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