Facility Scheduling & Reservations

Use our facility management platform to create schedules and manage requests from the community

The core of the Facilitron platform is our event scheduling and reservation system. Using our system, administrators can easily manage the schedules of all the buildings, fields, gyms, pools, auditoriums, classrooms and conference rooms, and other spaces available to the both the public and internal staff.

It’s also a system to receive requests from your community through our customized rental sites that showcase your facilities and services.

Facilty rental marketplace
Facility scheduling and reservations platform

Two Systems in One: Facility Rental Marketplace and Facility Scheduling System

The Facilitron platform has two sides: the community-facing request portal, where community members go to search for facilities, browse photos, and check availability, and make requests.

And the administrative scheduling manager, where administrators go to manage their entire facility use program—both community requests and internal schedules.

Facility Rental Marketplace

With custom sites that can link right off your own website, Facilitron creates a place where the community can come to search and browse facilities available for rent. There they'll find photos, pricing, information, and real-time availability of facilities—everything they need to submit a request.

Facility Scheduling Manager

Through our administrative scheduling manager, facility administrators can preview the events and activities that are going on in their gyms, theaters, and classrooms as well as manage internal use requests and public rental requests to use your organization’s facilities.

Administrative Dashboard and Calendar

The Dashboard Control Center is where you go to get a quick overview of tasks such as pending requests, upcoming events, recent performance and the latest reservation comments. The Facilitron Calendar allows you to see events at a glance, filtering and viewing activities at any location or by facility type. Multiple views including monthly, weekly and agenda views allows you to see and share in the way that best helps you manage upcoming events.

Team discussing facility use policies

Manage Internal and External Events

In one location, you can view both internal events and external community events. Easily filter and sort by pending or approved reservations then click to access all details of a reservation to make adjustments, communicate with renters, and approve or decline requests.

Precisely Manage Reservation Details

Reservation detail pages aggregate every reservation item including renter organization, timeslots, permits, insurance documents, payment history, and all communications. Easy-to-make adjustments are a click away and users are automatically notified of changes or a change in reservation status (approved or declined).

Create work orders automatically or on-demand

Integrated with our Work Order management system, administrators can create work orders on demand or the system can be configured to automatically create work orders for certain facilities upon approval of a request.

Community-Facing Custom Rental Sites

Facilitron’s customized public-facing rental storefronts for your accounts provide a place for your users to search and browse available facilities, view complete facility profiles, photos, pricing, and more, then checkout and pay—allowing renters to quickly find and request the space they need for their event in a modern e-commerce-style environment.

Team discussing facility use policies

Search Facilities

Search for facilities across your organization and get results that display photos, location, description, capacity, amenities, rates, and availability—all at a glance. Professionally presenting all the details reduces the need for administrators to answer questions by phone, email, or drop-ins.

Search for facilities

Real-time Availability

Combining internal and external events with general availability allows the district to have a real-time availability calendar. This centralized up-to-date calendar provides requesters with an at-a-glance view of facility availability which increases their chance of success when making requests. It also serves to reduce double-bookings and other conflicts.

Real time availability

Custom Applications and Checkout

The checkout process guides renters through insurance requirements (including an option to purchase insurance), payment options, and a digital application process that can be customized on a per-facility basis. This way you only ask questions and present optional services relevant to the particular facility that's being requested.

Custom applications and checkout

Permits and Insurance

Insurance can be easily submitted by renters online, or purchased through Facilitron, ensuring that every event and organization has the proper coverage. Approved requests are issued permits with contact and location information, terms and conditions, and dates of approved usage. Each permit features a QR code enabling event managers or security to verify that a permit is valid and up-to-date.

Permits and insurance

Facilitron Partnership Benefits

As partners with your organization, Facilitron’s Support Team becomes an extension of your staff answering questions from renters and taking on everyday tasks such as invoicing, payment collections, refunds, insurance verification and most communications with renters. This frees up administrators enabling them to focus on more important tasks.

Facilitron Support is also available to administrators answering their questions or to make mass changes like cancelling and repurposing a group of reservations because of a disruption such as a weather event.

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