The Facilitron Partnership Overview

Bringing communities and spaces together

At Facilitron, it’s our goal to create meaningful relationships between public facility owners and communities.

As an integral part of our platform and partnership, we strive to provide data and business insights to public institutions to help them make better decisions about managing internal and community-based facility use.

The Facilitron Partnership

At Facilitron, we believe that licensing software alone is not enough to create and develop a facility use program that provides data, manages internal use, and processes requests from community organizations demanding access to public facilities. With limited resources and tightening budgets, getting on top of facility use without allocating new funds can seem like an impossible task.

But Facilitron is more than software. Through our unique no-cost business model, facility owners get the software, setup, and support at no cost and with no risk—the entire program is funded by revenue generated by the rental program with no need to allocate funds upfront for setup or training. This alignment of interests drives our team to work with facility administrators to track and understand facility use data and critical KPIs, establish processes and policies, and to take the everyday burdens of invoicing, payment collection, insurance verification, and customer service off of facility use personnel.

Team discussing facility use policies

The Facilitron Platform

At the core of the Facilitron platform are powerful scheduling and reservation tools that accommodate both internal and external reservation requests. Facility owners can organize all facility scheduling, calendars, requests, and communications in one place. And community requesters can search, find and book available facilities, track requests, manage insurance, and make payments simply and easily.

One calendar

Facilitron consolidates fragmented calendars used by facility administrators into one place, providing needed visibility and transparency into all events and scheduled maintenance across all campuses. With Facilitron's powerful calendar management tools, administrators can easily create an unlimited number of calendars which can be subscribed to with any calendar that supports the iCal or CalDAV standard such as Google, Apple or Outlook calendars.

Showcase your facilities

Put your most valuable assets in their best light. Our implementation team captures professional quality imagery that make your buildings and grounds look their best—including aerial shots, immersive video and 360-degree photography. Community users can search and browse from your rental site and take a virtual tour of your available facilities.

24/7 Customer support

Our commitment to facility management doesn’t end with our partnerships. It also extends to your community. In that sense, your customers are our customers and serving and supporting them are an important part of our shared mission and goal. Our support team is available 24 hours a day and we support multiple channels including phone, email, or live chat.

Easy onboarding

We make onboarding easy by handling all aspects of your account configuration: photos, schedules, rate tables, fee schedules, roles, permissions, training, and more. We deliver a complete system that is ready to roll on day one, with minimal investment by facility owners.

Team discussing facility use policies

Payments and insurance

Many of the hassles of managing institutional facility use has to do with payments and insurance. Facilitron invoices your renters, collects payments (and issues refunds), and works with your renters to meet the insurance requirements of your organization. Insurance is verified automatically in the system, as is non-profit status or other organization exemptions, saving you time.

Business insights

Facilitron delivers more than just data, we deliver data that you can use, such as business insights that help you track performance and set goals for improvement. Ultimately, the data tracked on the platform along with data analysis by our industry experts guides facility owners towards better efficiency, improved processes, and updated policies.

Schedule work and maintenance

Collaborating with other departments like security, maintenance, and custodial is easy with Facilitron. Custodians and managers can receive daily emails with the day's events, or log into the system to view and filter for events with custodial or other special services. Maintenance blocks can also be created to remove general availability when a maintenance project is taking place. Take it a step further with our work order and maintenance system that integrates with Facilitron's event scheduling platform.

No direct cost

Facilitron’s business model allows you to benefit from our platform and partnership without allocating funds for software licensing. The cost of the platform is funded solely by the rental program itself with no hidden costs allowing facility owners to spend dollars budgeted towards software licensing on something else!

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Our previous facilities software had minimal features and offered zero support. The Facilitron team makes it incredibly simple to utilize the platform effectively and achieve results. The ongoing staff support is huge for us because they help with everything.

Orin Williams

Orin Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities
Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana, California

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