School Facility Management

Simple, easy-to-use software for scheduling and renting your school facilities

With the Facilitron platform, you can simplify the facility event scheduling process through our easy-to-use cloud-based software and unify everything under ONE calendar. School administrators can oversee and manage community use requests of fields, gyms, theaters, classrooms and other properties all over the district in a single place with a system created and designed specifically for school districts.

  • Display internal and external events in a single calendar view.
  • Filter events by facility type, location, and status.
  • Easily view requests, invoices, payments, and insurance.
  • EIN registration and auto-verification for non-profit organizations.
  • Community-facing and searchable digital catalog for selected facilities.
  • No cost setup and no cost support.

Comprehensive Facility Use Programs

Creating a well-managed facility use program isn't easy. Most districts don't think of their aggregate facility use as a "facility use program" at all. At Facilitron, we use our event scheduling platform to help districts track facility use, analyze data, and gain critical insights that allow the district to set and achieve goals for utilization, revenue, approval and cancellation rates, to identify policy exceptions, and much more. This continuous cycle of tracking, analysis, and policy adjustment helps districts turn a reactive-based facility operation into a proactive facility use program that understands its challenges and gets out ahead of potential liabilities.

A well-developed facility use program:

  • Tracks the activities going on in all district facilities
  • Has an understanding of the cost per hour to operate
  • Manages recovery costs to get as close to 100% of board policy as possible
  • Applies consistent policies and processes across schools
  • Analyzes data to make policy changes
  • Has fee structures informed by data

Two Systems in One

The Facilitron platform has two sides: the community-facing front end, where community members go to search for facilities, browse photos, and check availability, and make requests. And the administrative back end, where administrators go to manage their entire facility use program—both community requests and internal schedules.

Community-facing front end

With custom school sites that can link right off your own school website, Facilitron creates a place where the community can come to search and browse school facilities available for rent. There they'll find photos, pricing, information, and real-time availability of facilities—everything they need to submit a request.

Administrative back end

Through our administrative portal, district and school administrators can preview the events and activities that are going on in their gyms, theaters, and classrooms all over the district as well as manage internal (school) use requests and public rental requests to use school facilities.

The Administrative Dashboard and Calendar

The two main systems for managing schedules and reservation requests are the Dashboard Control Center and Calendar. Here you find an overview of tasks such as reviewing pending requests, upcoming events, and recent performance. The calendar allows you to sort and view activities at any school or facility in the district with multiple views including monthly, weekly and agenda views.

Manage internal and external events

In one location, view both internal school events and external community events. You can filter by facility or event type and sort by pending or approved reservations. Click to preview any event and easily access all details of a reservation to make adjustments, communicate with renters, and approve or decline requests.

Real-time availability

Combining internal and external events with general availability allows the district to have a real-time availability calendar. This centralized up-to-date calendar provides requesters with an at-a-glance view of facility availability which increases their chance of success when making requests. It also serves to reduce double-bookings and other conflicts.

Get all the details

The reservation details page has all the details about a reservation—user organization contact and details, facility use permits, insurance documents, photos, payments, refunds, adjustments, reservation time slots, services, equipment, comments and communications, and more...

Custom District & School Sites

Facilitron creates custom rental request sites to showcase your rentable facilities to the public, allowing community members to easily search for the best venues for their activities. Users can search throughout the district or at individual schools. Requesters can view photos, pricing, and real-time availability, increasing their chances for success when they make requests—which can lead to better relations with the community.

Facility pages

Facility pages display photos, location, description, capacity, amenities, rates, and availability—all at a glance. Reducing the need for school administrators to answer questions by phone, email, or drop-ins.

Facility use permits

Approved requests are issued permits with important contact and location information, the district's terms and conditions, and QR codes for easy referencing by security or event managers to ensure that a permit is up-to-date.


Insurance can be easily submitted by renters online, or purchased through Facilitron, ensuring that every event and organization has the proper coverage.

Customer Service

Our commitment doesn’t end with our partnership with your district. It also extends to your communities. In that sense, your customers are our customers and serving and supporting them are an important part of our shared mission and goal.

No-cost support

Facilitron's partnership includes customer service teams who help renters with questions or who need assistance placing requests, submitting insurance, or making payments. Our teams are available through multiple channels including phone, email, and live chat.

No-cost setup

Facilitron's unique business model means no-cost setup, no-cost training, and most importantly, no more allocating operational dollars for software licensing.

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Facilitron has made a huge impact on the way we schedule and utilize our facilities. The calendar keeps all staff informed of what is going on in their buildings at all times. The customer support is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Todd Amiet, Director of Building and Grounds
South Brunswick School District, South Brunswick, New Jersey

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