Facilitron might be best known as a public spaces marketplace for renters and a facility scheduling and rental business management system for facility operators. However, many partners may be unaware that Facilitron offers an entire suite of facility management products — work orders, building automation, mobile apps and inspection tools — some of which can be added with no extra cost or implementation.

From connecting to digital systems like HVAC, to running software that manages your entire maintenance operation, Facilitron’s suite of products and product features empower you to maximize your facilities — and most of them built right into our flagship products Facilitron S&R™ and Facilitron Works™.

If you already use Facilitron S&R, Facilitron’s facility use scheduling and rental business management system, you’re eligible to add these other benefits and products as a part of your Facilitron partnership. Consider these solutions:

  • Are you using a separate work orders system? – Facilitron’s complete maintenance management system, Facilitron Works, brings work orders, asset tracking and preventive maintenance to your operation. And it’s integrated with Facilitron S&R so work orders associated with events in the system can also be created and tracked in both systems.
  • Do you have different departments using one ticketing system? – Like having multiple independent systems in one, Facilitron Works can be partitioned to work for multiple users such as departments (IT, maintenance, transportation) or regions (service center north, service center south) to segregate purpose, trade, work categories, priorities, statuses, workers, locations, and more. "Departmental Partitioning" reduces contention and provides enhanced levels of efficiency when multiple user groups are accessing the same system. Yet it preserves the ability for requesters to send work orders to any department and for administrators to report across all regions or departments.
  • Are your technicians working on-the-go with a mobile app? – Designed especially for technicians in the field, the Facilitron Works mobile app allows workers to easily create, receive and process work orders, track time and add labor and material costs with just a few clicks on their mobile device.
  • Do you need to conduct property inspections and are inspection report filings required by your state? – (coming to Facilitron Works in Q3 2023) Easily schedule, assign, and conduct field inspections of all buildings, grounds or other assets using condition assessments (good, fair, poor, etc) and notes. The system allows you to create work orders directly from inspections, then archive and print state mandated reports such as the California Williams Act-mandated “FIT” report.
  • Are you automatically scheduling HVAC systems when events get added to facility schedules? - Connect HVAC controllers or other BACnet capable devices (lighting, energy or access controls) to Facilitron S&R so that systems can be programmed to run based on approved events in the system.

Learn more about these features and benefits of your Facilitron partnership by contacting your account manager or a member of our sales team.